Tiny Letters


I guess I’m finding the new routine. I’m sending out a somewhat simpler version of my newsletter. What’s the difference between my newsletter and my blog? I usually write about books I’m reading and other things I want to share. I’ll put fiction there I don’t put here. This time I actually put the same fiction that I’ve been posting here because the newsletter does have some different readers. Some of you read both (a thousand blessings upon you), but most people have a preference for one over the other. Honestly, a thousand blessings upon all of you for reading either!

But now I’m adding something else to the mix. I’m not going to include more of The Fairy Tale Asylum in my regular newsletter and not everyone comes by here. Besides, not every post is going to be the story. I have other things to write about sometimes. So, I’ve put together a Tiny Letter newsletter. Tiny Letter is a very pared down newsletter format, and about once a week, readers will receive the next chapter of the story. When the story ends, so will the newsletter. If you’re interested, sign up here: Letters from The Fairy Tale Asylum.

I’m planning on scenes posted here, but all the scenes put together into one chapter for the Tiny Letter. Something like that. As with life, this may change!

Thank you for reading. Hope you’re well and safe. May your joys be close and your demons far. Take care.

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