Oh fathers.
Dads. Heroes. Monsters.
Step-dads. Foster dads. Father figures. Memories.
Men trying to figure out what they’re doing.
You may be thinking about your dad today.
Some dads are kind, lifting you up, and holding your hand, and believing in you no matter what.
Some dads believe in you sometimes. Depending. They try. In their way. Maybe they try their best.
Some dads are missing, by choice or by fate.
Some dads are missing their children, gone, lost, or never having been.
Some dads are nightmares, torments, bent out of shape and bending others.
Some dads make you laugh.
Some give you something to cry about.
Wait til your father gets home!
He gets home and he’s tired.
Oh fathers.
Love yours if you’re lucky.
Move on if you’re not.
To be a father or not to be a father?
It’s one of many questions.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
No, child. You are loved.

Happy Father’s Day.

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