Another Pandemic Evening (Have distant seat and stay a spell.)

How does this week find you? Such a complicated question these days. Well perhaps any day ever in the history of time, but it feels especially so right now. But I wish you well in whatever you’re going through. Things do get better. And we still have so much to share.

Today I thought about all the resources I have to reach various goals. So, I’ve bookmarked all of them: websites, videos, courses on teaching online, developing online courses, marketing online courses, finding an agent, finding a publisher, self-publishing, marketing books, bookmaking, drawing the human figure, marketing art, building a platform, fitting exercise into your life, meditating, helping your kid adjust to online learning, improving your resume, preparing for today’s job market, marketing yourself, making better videos for teaching, developing an online presence, which platform should you choose for online courses, how to optimize your Etsy page, learn SEO, learn UI/UX, learn web development, learn coding, learn Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and…

My son is always horrified at the number of tabs I have open. But I’ll do all the things! Right? Oi.

But as I did a couple of weeks ago, here are a few things I found worth passing along. Austin Kleon always lists ten things in his weekly newsletter. TEN! Good gravy, y’all. I enjoy his newsletter lots, but I’m not going to torment myself to find ten things. In part because half my list would be things I found out about from Kleon. Anyway, the world is a challenging place, but here are a few tiny things I have to to tell you about.

(I feel like a kid insisting on showing an adult a pebble when the adult clearly has more important things to deal with, but here we are.)

  1. Here is a great project to contribute to: Not Your Momma’s History. This is the about page here.
  2. I can’t believe I didn’t list this last time because it is one of my favorite things. Creative Soul Photography! This amazing couple creates breathtaking images. OMG. I hope the birthday fairy brings me their book (or that I stay employed and can buy it for myself). I thought about buying a print for my walls, but have been struggling with which one to choose. Possibly Princess Moonstone… What about you? (This is the thing about art and me. Some art just gives my heart a thrilling jolt.)
  3. On a different note, I’m ready for Halloween! I love Jennifer Perkins. You might think then that I decorate wildly, but in truth, we only decorate our mantel. I can’t spend the money on loads of decorations (and we have four dogs…things would go wrong). Also, kitsch is not my scene; however, exuberant Halloween decorations are. I discovered her last year because of this (which I would totally do if I had a different life):

4. 99% Invisible is one of my favorite podcasts. In almost every episode, I find myself stopping and saying something like, “Wow. Learn something every day!”

5. Okay. Here’s my own shameless plug. A story of mine has been published in an anthology (Whigmaleeries & Wives’ Tales)! It is for sale here! I’m obviously happy about it.

Okay. That’s enough. Thanks for reading!

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