Short Stories to Come

I decided a while ago to self-publish a selection of short stories. They are almost ready. I’m working on a cover and pondering a release date.

It is definitely scary to do. I tend to think of who will and who won’t approve. I think about my own ability to promote it. There’s a lot to think (obsess) about.

It’s another step on the writing and creating journey and learning to deal with anxiety and doubt.

And I’ll say, at the risk of bringing down the wrath of the gods, goddesses, godlings, and god-pretenders, I actually like what I’ve written.

There’s an argument to be made that I should send each story out to literary journals and such. But I’ve been writing at least 30 short stories a year for ten years. Plenty of stories remain. I’m just going to share ten on my own.

And the title? I’ve shared the title before, so you might recognize it: A Brief History of Boyfriends. If it had a subtitle, it would be you can’t call them love stories. I guess you could, but I wouldn’t. My stories just aren’t like that.

So that’s all I have to say about it for now!

Thank you as ever for reading.


Support my art on Etsy or RedBubble in the meantime!

Be safe. Be well.

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