Is it dream?

Twin Peaks: The Return would’ve been perfect for 2020. Or maybe it would’ve been the end of me. It’s hard to say. Except that I love the way Twin Peaks made me feel–absolutely bewildered and dazed. In real life, I like these feelings a whole lot less.

Is this year a dream or a nightmare?

Who is the dreamer?

Things don’t change because the calendar flips from one day to the next. People have to change. Can they?

I was asked the other day to list things I’d accomplished in 2020. My first answer was, “What? Nothing!” But then I thought about it.

Well, I learned a new skill: coptic stitch bookmaking.

I had three things published! A story in April, a story in September, and a poem in November. I serialized a novella, The Fairy Tale Asylum, and I published a collection of ten stories.

That said, no one has to publish or meet some other random metric of supposed accomplishment. Life is beautiful AND it is hard. (What’s that expression about comparison being the enemy of joy or something)?

And most stories we read are forgotten. A lucky few stay with us. If I wrote a story that stayed with someone, I’d be beyond pleased. That’s an accomplishment!

What really are accomplishments?

Checking in on a friend.

Sharing a heartfelt laugh.

Standing up for something.


Being good to animals.

Wearing a mask!

Cheering for a loved one.

Fighting the patriarchy and white supremacy.

Staying socially distant.

Looking up at the sky.

Giving a damn.

I don’t know. You gotta make your own list.

What are you dreaming about for the next year? I’m dreaming of health and financial stability. Equality for every single person on the planet. And if I’m going to go all out, I’m dreaming of publication.

Here’s to wishing you good dreams.

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Is it dream?

    1. The Fairy Tale Asylum is complete-ish. The basic draft is complete and I’m no longer adding to it. However, I am now going through it and finding plot holes and tweaking a few things.

      Thank you!!

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