Getting Ready

It’s here! My first event since the pandemic descended.

The pandemic is still with us, of course. This is an outdoor event with half the number of artist than there could otherwise be, and we’ll be wearing masks. I wouldn’t do this at all if it were an indoor event, even though I am vaccinated. But outdoors and distanced feels okay. It’s a step back into the world, where, frankly, I’m reluctant to go.

So today are last minute preparations. I’ll work on signs and cards that go with each piece of art and handmade book.

Hand-drawn art, pen & ink, 9 x 9″

I don’t have a title yet for the bunnies. Titles! They’re hard.

5 x 7″ handmade journals, 96 pages of unlined writing paper

Many things go into a show. I finally invested in my own tent. Borrowing all the time gets old. My budget doesn’t include weights for making sure the tent doesn’t blow away, so I’ve made my own by saving ten of those plastic milk gallon jugs and filling them with water. That’ll be two gallons tied to each of the front tent poles and three tied to each of the back.

In 2019 I invested in my own fold-up, display table and table cloth.

Also on the checklist: a sign I can put in front of my tent telling people who I am, business cards, business card holder, boxes good for displaying art, easels for displaying art, notebook for newsletter sign-up page, pens, wire and ribbons to display paper ornaments (in a way that lets people look at them and keeps them from blowing away), payment square for the phone so I can take credit card payments, cash to give people change if need be, an artist’s statement, a chair, bags and tissue paper for wrapping up sales, plastic sleeves for protecting art, ways to carry all art and books, extra pens, scissors, paper towels, and a few copies of my books.

I think that’s about it as far as things to take. There’s the social media aspect too. (Ta-da! Blog post!)

You never know how a fair is going to go. I’m happy to be accepted into this one. I think it will be fun. In the past, I’ve been luck to have a friend in a nearby booth. That always makes me things better!

I like talking to people about art and I like seeing what the other artists and makers are doing. A bonus this time is that it is at a coffee shop. That’s access to coffee all day! I may treat myself to a latte.

The day promises to be warm and sunny.

* * *

Thanks for reading!

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