Trust in a witch!

I’ve been reading articles about why women become witches (two of them being Women Are Invoking the Witch and What Turns Women into Witches).

I’ve loved witches since childhood, and when one article mentioned the draw witchiness has for those feeling powerless, I had to admit this much is true. Children don’t have power anyway, and some children are reminded of this more than others. Witches were supposed to shape their reality, and I wanted power like that.

Maybe princesses had power (maaaybe), but they had to get married. I loved fancy dresses and sparkly shoes as much as plenty of other folks, but the whole prince-and-wedding-bells thing struck me not very interesting (or worse). Witches did what they wanted FOREVER. Witches made things happen. A princess can never be old, but a witch? I mean, c’mon!

I don’t believe I can make you a potion that will bring love or fortune. Magic for me is the power of words to create another world or the power of art to transport. That I can do.

Happy Halloween!

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