Finishing Things. Sort of.

I’ve been jumping from project to project. The term monkey mind comes to, uh, mind.

My ideal self would sit down and concentrate. But at this point in my life, I’ll just work with the mind I have.

Jumping to a different project might be procrastination. It might be a way to never finish even when I know finishing a project matters.

Except I have finished projects. So it can be done.

Right now I’m stuck on the plot of my princess detective. I know who the killer is. I know how the story ends. But there’s a gap between where the characters are and where they need to be. So, I’m setting it aside. A little time away might help.

Which means I’m going back to my sci-fi fairytale. I’ll serialize it on my Patreon! THAT will make me finish it. Most of it is written, in fact. A ton is written! It’s at GRR Martin levels. (Not in topic or quality. Just in size.) I’ve decided to let the story expand the way it’s been asking to from the start.

And then in a couple of months, it’s back to the princess.

And after that, the ghost story.

And then the one about the changeling.

And then…

In the meantime, Kamaji (again) tells me what I need to hear.

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