Rewrites Forever

A couple of years ago (it surprises me it’s been that long) I serialized a work-in-progress–The Fairy Tale Asylum. Some lovely writer friends gave me feedback, and now I’m trying to finish it up.

Oh boy, are there a lot of changes!

I struggle to know when a story is finished. I’ll rewrite forever. More ideas will come to me, tweaks to subplots, character details to add, and plot holes to fill.

The come the doubts. Various readers come to mind (even though some of these various readers probably will not, in fact read it anyway) and I worry what they’ll see in the text and between the lines.

Self-doubt! Thy name is writer.

Of course, I do know writers who are not plagued with self-doubt. Bless their keyboards and pens.

But I’m working on it.

In any case, The Fairy Tale Asylum is getting weirder. (I say weird, but that really is such a subjective thing.) Character motivations have changed. Maybe they haven’t changed so much as I’ve come to understand them better.

Thanks for reading!

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