Finally. New prints!

I chose some of my work to make prints, and I’ve posted them on Etsy. A few bunny Christmas cards are there too. I’d love for you to take a look, share, and get the word out.

I’m selling one image that isn’t something I drew. It is a photograph of the lake I grew up on. Lake Hamilton is in central Florida. You can see it from Highway 27. If you’ve ever driven from Disney World to Cypress Gardens (now LegoLand), you’ve seen it.

Yes, I’ve altered the image with starlight and enhanced color. It reveals how the lake lives in my mind and imagination, feeding my stories and dreams. I miss it.

The young woman asleep in the pink and blue sky is the same young woman on the cover of my novel, The Blue Jar. (You can see her in the sidebar if you scroll down.)

When I drew the goddess with a village in her hair, a lamplight on an extended curl and a crescent moon above, I thought maybe people wouldn’t like her because it makes no sense. You can’t have a village in someone’s hair. But I love some fantastical impossible.

The castle is made of text cut form one of my novels. I haven’t made much art with text recently, but the pages are sitting on my shelf, waiting.

The witch in the moon is the newest piece. Obviously, I’m addicted to drawing long, flowing hair. I’ve written before about the issues with hair. Hair freedom for all! Wear your hair as you wish!

The bunny in the night is another piece with text from my own writing. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn some bunnies, but I still love them.

And finally, the girl I call the fortuneteller. She’s peering to the constellations and telling secrets to the blackbirds. The original is part collage. The sun and the sky are two different sheets of decorative paper. And in that original, the blackbirds and the girl were drawn on other paper, cut out and pasted. Those sharp rays of the sun were hand-drawn in silver ink. In the print, the slightly shadowy edges were added digitally.

Hope you like them.

Happy art!

And thank you for reading.


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