The Blue Hour

How is the beginning of the year?

I’ve made a couple of things–a handmade sketch book and an ornament.

I’ve been writing, but that’s a mess.

And I’ve been taking time to acknowledge the blue hour. I have an app on my phone to tell me the phase of the moon. I go outside to see the moon on clear nights when I’m not too wrapped up in other things. But I finally paid attention to other things the app has to share. It notes the start of the blue hour.

Last year, I gave a lovely book to a friend about the blue hour.

Blue is the world’s favorite color. Is it yours? My favorite is purple or blue edging into purple.

I’ve also been enchanted by learning that the upcoming year on the Chinese calendar is the Year of the Rabbit. Rabbit!

I detect a theme!

May you find magic in the blue hour.

Thank you for reading.


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