February, Oh February

Recently, I have learned (and will never forget) the sound of tree branches falling to earth.

The damage from a snow storm two years ago plus a drought has weakened a lot of trees. The weight of ice snapped branches and in some places pulled trees right out of the ground. That sound sent me flying to inspect the damage. We’re lucky. We have a mess, but no structural damage to our home. One tree branch did take out the corner of our neighbor’s carport but somehow missed the cars. Thank goodness.

I hope you have no reason to know this, but tree removal kills bank accounts. Our insurance doesn’t cover any of it unless it damages the house. We had the same problem in 2021 when a snowstorm killed a tree in our backyard. The tree didn’t fall on anything, and the insurance refused to pay to have it removed. Would they pay if it fell on the house? Yes. Would they pay to prevent it from falling on the house? No. I often fail to understand insurance company logic.

Anyway, we finally recovered that tree removal expense, and I was even entertaining ideas of having our dilapidated, hideous shed replaced (it’s such an eyesore and I’ve been hoping to replace it for years), but oh well. Can’t have everything. Also, I don’t think I’ll be able to visit my dad now either. I just don’t know.

Want some wood? We got plenty!

So, buy some art, handmade books, paper ornaments or other delights!

Come over to Patreon. I send patrons letters or tiny art or zines.

There’s always a cup of coffee!

Thanks for reading! Hope you are safe and warm. Or cool, depending on what hemisphere you live in. Let’s say, safe and at a temperature you find pleasing.

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