Let the Beltane Ring

Of all the times I have signed up for Story-a-Day, no time may be more foolish than right now. And of all the times I have said I don’t have time to write, at no time has it ever been more true.

Already, two days in and I haven’t written a story. Over on Patreon, I’ll be writing in more detail as to why my life is upside down and writing has been next to impossible. If you’ve ever had an octogenarian parent move in with you unexpectedly, you’ll understand. Maybe I’ll be talking about this too much, but this change is consuming every minute of every day.

Why can even write this blog post now? Because blessed be my husband, he is watching a Star Trek movie with Dad, and I’ve stolen away to write a little. (For the record, I love Star Trek. But I desperately need some writing time.)

This year, Story-a-Day will be less about fictional stories and more about just writing anything. A story can be a fairy tale or an anecdote. It can several thousand words or a sentence. It’s whatever it needs to be.

Summer is coming.

Change is here.

To everyone who supports my art or my writing, thank you to the sun and back. Love and light.

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