A Little Bit of a Jerk–But Not Too Much of a Jerk

One character who gets talked about in the blog is Tim. Course, since he doesn’t work at The Sunlight, he doesn’t get a word in, but he’s a presence all the same. But he’s also a character in the novel I’m working on which takes place before the blog begins. So I know things about his past that Lin doesn’t.

He really wants to be a good guy, and he’s changed. But his high school friends were amazing jerks–to put it mildly–and Lin, if she knew everything, would probably never have given him the time of day. After all, birds of a feather and all that. If his best friends are bastards, isn’t he? But I want him redeemed anyway. And of his past friends,well, one’s dead and the other is, I can’t decide–either in jail or in the marines. No offense to the marines, but he was the kind of character who’d join anything that might let him abuse power.

The trick is creating a character who does some idiotic and jerky things but who is not an idiot or a jerk. And Lin has to figure this out about him and blog about it. Of course, as of today, I have no faith that relationship is going to last no matter what she learns about him.

Getting characters from the blog to match up with themselves in the novel is a good lesson in character development and consistency. Lucky for Linnie that she’s in the blog because now I can’t kill her off in the novel.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of a Jerk–But Not Too Much of a Jerk

  1. lazym

    Oh, I just wanted to say that I knew a guy once – quite well. But then he dropped so much acid that he didn’t know that we knew each other. Interesting when I was talking with him one evening and then he reached over to shake my hand – introducing himself in the process.

    What has this to do with anything? Well, his parents decided the way to save him (I think he was probably around 19 years old) was to have him join the service. Might have been the marines – I don’t remember. I always wondered if he was that far out of it, how he got in. But he did.

    Also, used to be that the courts would sometimes waive a drug sentence if the offender would join the service. Don’t know if this is useful. Just something that came to mind today….

  2. mapelba

    Well, Sean might not be a character that gets any more back story than is necessary for him to be the villian, but he does have to have some motivation and all that. I don’t like boring bad guys. The marine thing isn’t so much for the novel; it’s more for the blog in case I decide to give him a cameo. After all, everyone goes to The Sunlight sooner or later!

    And I must admit that while I have known a few nice and decent marines, I’ve also known a few who were really scary guys. If Sean isn’t in the Marines, he’s got to be in jail. He’s just that kind of guy.

    Thanks for the thought. Loved the image of him introducing himself to someone he knows. Could be written funny or sad…hmmm…

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