omg…what do you mean I have to work?!

Today vacation ended and I had to head back to school, and my heart was not in it. There was a time when new notebooks, pens, highlighters, and textbooks gave me a thrill–I mean few things say my future’s so bright as a new notebook. I could spend way too much time picking just the right one.

But now I sit there in the teacher’s meeting thinking about my novel. I meet new teachers and I wonder how I’d describe them in a book. And then my boss asks everybody to start the term on a positive note and share what we are looking forward to this semester and what are our goals. I figured that saying, “Finishing this novel, writing about Mercie for NaNo 2007, and getting an agent” is not the answer he’s looking for.

Not wanting to lie, I said, “I’m looking forward to my writing class and my goal is to balance my work life with my other life.” I heard a new teacher say, “I wish I had an other life.” I ignored that–I mean, I’ve got no other-life wand. Another teacher recently got back from this amazing MA program and she’s got lots and lots of brilliant ideas and part of me is interested..I do want to be good at my job…really. And I like my students. And god knows I need to get out of my house and out of my head and talk to people. But I was still sitting there thinking–hmmm, how am I going to get Sean to burn that house down? And should Becker and Deva sleep together? Hmm…decisions, decisions.

This is why you should procrastinate on your writing..if you don’t, it will take over your life.

And I still haven’t answered those questions, dammit!

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