Wow, you’re tall.

waiting for my subculture

This blog is supposed to be about the writing life and the life of my characters. But this I just have to go on about.

So, I decide to put my blogs on Globe of Blogs, and there is this amazing list of topics to check regarding said blog. These categories are divided into categories like “education” and “hobbies” and such. One category is subculture, which has loads of choices from 20-something to grrrl to goth to geek. And my favorite? Tall People. Tall people are a subculture! OMG. I’m part of a subculture…and to think I never knew. Oh, you say, are short people on the list? Nope. Sorry, but you short people are not a subculture. But I am.

The next time somebody says to me, “Wow, you’re tall,” I’m going to say, “That’s subculture to you buddy.”

One thought on “Wow, you’re tall.

  1. lazym

    What if you’re sort of medium-sized? Maybe tallish for the previous generation but kind of in the middle for your own? Do you get a sub-culture? Or does medium mean, by default, average?

    When I was in middle-school (yes, another middle-sort-of-thing) we had to write an essay on “second best.” It was heart-breaking, by the way. The exploration of being second-best. Losing is probably better and easier, psychically-speaking, than second best. At least for over-achievers. Or people who would like to be over-achievers.

    Is that what medium is? Second best? Or would that be third-best – after very tall and very short? Oh, my. I am having an existential crisis, right here online. Sorry.

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