Fear and Desire’s Late Night Waltz

After drinking way too much coffee, I decided to post an excerpt of this years NaNo novel on my NaNo profile. I’m not sure how it is that the fear-of-exposure resides so closely with the desire-to-be-read, but they are constant companions in halls of my caffeinated soul. So, if you care to see what happens when fear and desire meet for a waltz within the confines of a novel (and the stroke of midnight–i.e. 50k by the end of the month–looming over the dance floor), then please do. Fear will be secretly pleased and desire will be quietly horrified. Whether or not they have produced anything worth showing the neighbors is another matter entirely.

Sunlight & Mercie–NaNoWriMo 2007

Postscript: I just went back and read that excerpt–I can only say that the characters aren’t the only ones mentally unhinged. What the hell am I doing?

5 thoughts on “Fear and Desire’s Late Night Waltz

  1. I read your excerpt as soon as you were out of the door last night, and may I say it made me want to read more! Also, I have some thoughts on Zane–maybe we should talk at the write-in?

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