Cinderella Stays Past Midnight…

Yes, it will have been worth it after all
if Cinderella had stayed at the ball.
–Ellen Kushner
–Cinderella Sonata

I love that. No matter what story you tell, there is always a new way to look at it, another side to the story, one more what if…

Cinderella might stay and be rejected in her rags (read the sonata) or be loved in spite of dabbling in witchcraft (For what else does a fairy godmother do but cast a spell? Perhaps she’s just a witch who escaped being burned at the stake). She might go back and pick up the shoe and take it home, marry the baker’s son, and one day pass the shoe on to her daughter. She might marry the prince, come to resent his concubines, and throw the glass slipper at his head one night after drinking too much sherry. She might marry the prince, grow bored with castle protocols, and sneak out at night to dance in a tavern with her magicked shoes. Or perhaps she might marry him and find a lovely tower room to make a studio and paint in, always signing her art with a tiny picture of a silvery shoe. What do you think she would paint? Or if she stayed all day in bed after the prince went out to hunt, what stories might she write on her laptop (and would that laptop be a glass apple)? Has Cinderella lived enough to write a book?

What other possibilities might you imagine for Cinderella and her glass shoes?

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