it wasn’t me

When my husband went to my blog earlier this evening, ads were posted there.  Since I don’t put ads on my blog, this rather surprised me.  I went back to look for myself and they were gone, but now I just to say that if you should happen to see ads here, they aren’t mine, I don’t want them, and somebody is messing around here without my permission.  Please, let me know if you see any of these ads yourself because I’d like to figure out how to stop it.  Thanks.

5 thoughts on “it wasn’t me

  1. Ugh. I hate the idea of ads whether I know about them or not, but it especially rankles that I don’t know what the ads are. Ick.

    And Jess, no. The disappearance of the other blog has more to do with a very negative mood and sense of frustration.

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