To Tell a Story

For the end of the year let’s forget the writer angst-what’s the point of angst anyway?  Let’s think about telling a story.  Don’t you love a good story?  Whether in a book or on a screen, we all seem to want another story.  We never tire of them.  We watch them on television, we watch them on TV, we pay to see them on stage, and we read them in books.  We build religions on them and escape our lives in them.  

A story can race the heart or quiet the mind.  The power of the storyteller!  And I want to do that.  How about you?

To cause a pulse to rush a little faster, to keep a stranger up at night to find out what happens next, to get someone to to fork over hard earned money to learn the story I want to tell.  If I’m honest, that’s what I want.  I want to tell a story.

No angst.  No writer’s block.  No failure.  Just crowd around and make yourself comfortable.  Listen, listen quickly!  And here is where my story begins….  

Happy New Year.       

6 thoughts on “To Tell a Story

  1. lazym

    Funniest thing. I woke up this morning, wanting to read “that story about Mr. Taylor.” Then, I realized – hey, that’s the story I’m writing! Guess I need to get cracking and write the darn thing, so I can read it….

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