Writing Lessons I Might Remember

Randlin tagged me here in the water to write seven random things. I wrote seven things before, but I’m willing to give it a try again–only a little different.

Seven Random Things I’ve Learned about My Writing

1. If two days of writing time are missed, it takes a week to recover.
2. If my stomach twists and I’ve got to walk away from the computer, then the scene works.
3. Having writing friends makes all the difference.
4. I use the word just too often.
5. If no one else cares about the writing, write anyway.
6. Some people can love me and not care about my writing.
7. I like my novels.

Now, I’ve got a story to go work on.

6 thoughts on “Writing Lessons I Might Remember

  1. Great list. #4 is on my New Year’s Resolution List. I use that word too often as well. I banned “suddenly” last year, though it breaks through the barrier sometimes.

    Numbers 5 and 6, yep. Plugging away when it seems like no one else in the world cares takes gumption. But if you don’t plug away, then you end up with nothing.

    Number 7 is my favorite on your list.

  2. Thanks Shelli. The more writing friends, the better.

    SBW, my list of overused words is long, but ‘just’ is the one I’m focused on today. Oh, and my kingdom for more gumption. Where do you get that stuff anyway?

  3. #1 applies to my gym routine, which has been greatly disturbed because of my pilgrimage to Asia. It will take a while before I can lift that gigantic 50 lb bar-bell.

    Kudos to #5. When I first started the blog, nobody left any comments for 3 months!

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