Under the Influence

big writer, little writer

I have a no-kid-pics rule, but this says too much for me to keep my mouth shut.  No, he isn’t playing a computer game.  It’s worse.  He’s imitating me.  And every few key strokes, he says, “Look, Mom.  Look how many lines!  How many lines do you have?”    

9 thoughts on “Under the Influence

  1. That’s funny!

    My daughter did a similar thing. She was writing a story in the car (she was 8), and after a while she said, “Momma, I felt like I wrote a lot, but when I went back and read it, there wasn’t very much. Does that ever happen to you?” Um, only all the time, darling. 😉

  2. Well, SBW, I’m sure my picture of you is all wrong–I mean, you’re not 20, are you? (That isn’t to imply you’re immature–rather for some reason I got this image in my head of this wise and worldly 20 yr old. Tell me I’m right.) And that’s not my art on the walls here, but they are prints I love.

  3. Oh, well. Neither am I. Not that it matters since I’m more interested in words a person puts on the page than the vital statistics a person ticks in a box. Thanks for always checking back.

  4. Thats great.. I remember when mine did things like that. This year when my wife and I were doing Nano, she thought we were nuts and wasting our time. Being 17 she was shy about sharing her opinions either. In her opinion the best thing about Nano was that we went to the library once a week to write, which left the house to her.

  5. This is cute! My Aidan is not old enough yet to do this, but he does like to imitate my expressions like when I hang my mouth open, concentrating on something. Nothing cures me of this better than seeing him make fun of me!

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