Like to Get to Know You Well

MPJ sent this tag my way, and so here it goes. 

The Rules:
Post links to five of your previous posts. There should be one post for each of the following words–family, friends, yourself, your love, and anything you like. Tag five folks to do the same, and at least two of those folks you shouldn’t know well. The idea is to get to know others better and for them to know you.

I’ve been blogging for a short time (since the end of May 2007) and I don’t write that much about my personal life, but I came up with these old posts from when almost no one was reading anything here.

About keeping up with my friends

About my family. Sort of.

About my love.    

About myself.

And about anything I like…well, anything to go back to Neil–here’s the last.

The thing is, I actually liked being tagged (hey, it makes up for all those times I was never picked for the team), but I feel weird tagging others (like the pesky kid bothering the cool kids). So, if you’ve been reading here and would like me to read something from your past, please grab the tag and run with it.

4 thoughts on “Like to Get to Know You Well

  1. Wait, you used a Howard Jones song for the title. I don’t even have to read beyond that to know I like you. Now I have it in my head.

    And I feel exactly the same way about being tagged and tagging: like to receive the tags, hate to tag. Must come from growing up a nerd.

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