an awful, sucky, icky, pissy day

There are thousands more important things to write about, but I just want to observe that when a person has had an awful day at work–a truly awful, sucky, worst-day-in-years sort of day–it is nearly impossible to write anything. Most of the time I can shake off annoyances and throw myself into my story. Not today. Today I just want to stomp to my room and kick things.

6 thoughts on “an awful, sucky, icky, pissy day

  1. You are all super. But I have tomorrow off and won’t have to see the evil students until Monday and by then everyone will have calmed down. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. Erin

    Oh no…dare I ask what happened at the crazy HOT? I’m sorry about your terrible, no good day. I hope the rest of your week and your weekend got better. XOXO, Erin

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