not self-obsessed every minute of the day

The writing life often becomes the self-involved life. Writers spend lots of time alone in their own heads and awash in insecurity. Writers keep everything they scribble on, every conversation they overhear, every interesting bit they observe–they keep everything that serves the writing and disregard the rest. I for one have ignored my family, my friends, and my work just to write.

So, for our sanity and humanity we all should take time to step back and take note of the people who encourage and support us, even as we might prefer the company of imaginary people to real ones. Shelli at Mama_of_Letters was kind and thoughtful enough to send me a blessing from her corner of cyberspace, and the best way I can thank her is to send the blessing on to others as well. This blessing idea began at Ukok’s Place, and though I certainly have mixed feelings about religion, I can’t argue with sending others our best wishes and hopes and thanks with whatever words make sense to you.

A blessing must go back to Shelli. She visits all my blogs and comments on them, and she generally makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.

But I ought to bless three more people to keep this going…

Kathryn. It might never have realized the power of blogging without her. She has been supportive and true–and I miss having her nearby.

Ami. My college roommate, who in spite of everything she’s been through, has persevered to write an amazing novel–and still find time to be a friend. She gives hope and is always kind. I want to bless her and persuade you to read her book.

Sigh…there are many who I could certainly bless, and I really do bless everyone who stops by and leaves a comment, but specifically I bless Simple Blog Writer because her writing reveals another bit about the world, makes me laugh, or makes me think. I look forward to her posts, and hope she’s writing a book.

May the creative, imaginative life always be yours, and may a blessing of one kind or another always be waiting for you around the next bend.

7 thoughts on “not self-obsessed every minute of the day

  1. Hey! I was going to write a post about the importance of thanking people and you just did it.

    And you must know that I love reading your blog about writing. I feel like I found someone who Gets It.

    And oh, yes indeed, I neglect people I love because of writing. Sigh.

    Here’s a blessing on your head!

    p.s. If you write a post about fishing line strung up between light poles before I get to it, I’m going to freak out.

  2. It’s amazing how people cross each other’s path and bring more color to one another’s life. I spend a lot of time alone especially when I was working on my dissertation. I for one have ignore almost everybody and everything. The only conversation I had was the one that was raving through my mind! But there are always people who look out for me and make sure I’m still in one piece. And they know who they are. Now that you have shared your angels I might as well write a post to show my gratitude to those who have not only be there as friends but have molded me to be who I am now. Wonderful idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The blessing is much cherished.

    I think I’ve mentioned before the A teases me sometimes that introducing me to blogging was the biggest mistake he ever made. I dunno, it keeps me sane. How could that be a mistake? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. You are so welcome. And you are definitely doing something worthwhile.

    I will enjoy visiting the others that you have passed this on to. Actually, I’ve been to Ami’s site, and I’ve been wanting to read her book. It sounds wonderful!

  5. Aww shucks – thanks much for the blessing.
    What an amazing road we’ve both been on all these years.
    (Starting with getting to know each other back in our dorm days – and my driving your first roomie to the hospital in the old VW bug so she could have her baby!)
    Sending you lots of sparkles and daydreams!

    PS Found an old photo the other day…Crimping irons…what were we thinking?

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