because i haven’t procrastinated enough and this is great…

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Procrastination goes something like this…open document and read over the scene I was working on last…but I’ve got to check my email…okay, nothing there…go back to scene and get main character into the next room which I describe…and realize that I ought to go check a blog I’ve not read in something like ten hours…hey, something new from YouTube!…go back to scene and my main character discovers she’s not alone in the boiler room…I really should put that video on my blog! Yeah! I’ve never done that before. I wonder how you do it. That was easy but I’ve got those weird letters at the top maybe I should fix it…no. What does that guy say to my heroine? Okay…I better check my email again…

Perhaps if I could find out where Procrastination sleeps, I could sneak in and stab it in the heart with a wooden stake. Shoot it with a silver bullet? Toss it back into the fire from hence it came? Send it back into the Void? Anybody wish to be part of my angry, vigilante mob? Please.

6 thoughts on “because i haven’t procrastinated enough and this is great…

  1. Here’s another possibility to consider. What if it’s not that you’re procrastinating, it’s that you’re writing the last chapter, you’re almost finished and something inside of you is not ready to cross the finish line. It’s like when you read a wonderful, yummy, delicious book and you slow down reading because you don’t want to leave the story, you know you’ll miss the characters you’ve come to love. How much harder is it to leave if you’re the one who brought them to life?

  2. Well, I didn’t finish my thought. My thought was maybe if you identify a book after this in which one of your characters can continue to live, then you’d be ok about closing this one. I’ve always thought that’s why authors who write a string of books about one character can spit one out year after year. It’s that they don’t have to say goodbye. Ok, so I’m too emotional. But I love the people in the books I read. They’re not characters they’re frickin’ people in my mind. See, you had no clue crazy people lurked around your blog, right?

  3. To moanna, I agree. Leaving my characters is hard. This may be why of the five novels I’ve written, four of them take place in the same town and I’ve even got that other blog written by character from that town. Seems I can never leave.

    Shelli, thanks, as always, for stopping by. Your comments no matter how brief are appreciated. I can’t say that enough.

    And to TIV, thanks for making a comment. Glad you liked the music. I liked the video first for the art–it was a relief to enjoy the music as well. And you’re right about procrastination. But since it never sleeps, perhaps I’ll just have to ambush it some time. All I need is a trip wire and a bat.

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