You won’t regret it in the morning.

Since the end of NaNoWriMo, I’ve been sending out badgering emails to folks who are trying to finish their novels–just little notes of encouragement to say that you are not alone, you can do it, don’t give up. I was posting these emails in the Get Novel Done page in the sidebar over there, but that is turning out to be a pain. So, I’m going to post them here from now on. If you might liked to be badgered, let me know, and you too can be hassled every ten days or so until October 31, 2008–the night before the next NaNo.

Badger–The Valentine Edition

Yes, the dreaded holiday of love-and-making-loads-of-people-feel-bad day is almost here.  But as far as I’m concerned, your love life is not the problem–unless it is taking away from the writing.  Hey, any fool can sign a Valentine, only you can write your novel.

So, can you send a Valentine to your story?  Which character do you love?  Would you date any of your characters?  Hmmm?   You don’t have to be writing a romance to write about passion, you know.  First, you have to write with passion.  No matter how dark or light or pretty or hideous your story, you have to love it.  You have to be thinking about it when you’re not with it.  You have to be dreaming about it and waking up with it in your thoughts.  You have to want to show it off--this is my true love (until the next one anyway, but we won’t think about that just yet).  

Love your novel.  Don’t give it any reason to leave you.  Don’t let it break your heart.  Seduce it every chance you get and use your imagination–don’t use the same old tricks.  After all, you and your novel spend a lot of time alone together–you can do anything!

And your novel wants to love you.  It does.  It wants to be at the center of your heart.  It doesn’t want to compete for your affection with Prison Break or Lost or the Sci-Fi channel or whatever else flirts for your attention (god knows Doctor Who is always luring me away from my novel.  It is hard to stay true every minute of every day!).  Your novel wants to know that you can’t wait to see it again and that you hurry home after to work or school to embrace it.  

If, on the other hand, your eye keeps wandering, looking for distractions, and if you drag your feet, dreading to see your novel sprawled across the page, then you need to do some fast thinking.  What can save this relationship?  A costume?  A change of venue?  A little eavesdropping on some else’s time with his or her novel?  Do whatever it takes.  This relationship is worth saving.  The two of you have to stay together!  Think of the characters!  What will they do?  They’ll never recover from the break up.  You know it’s true.  You’ll never forgive yourself if you end it now.  You need each other.  You belong together…

Okay, I’ll stop now.  I’ve got my own novel that needs my love and attention.

Go light a candle and set the mood.  Go write.  You won’t regret it in the morning.

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