Be Famous

Sometimes blogging is like running around the schoolyard, and now I’m It. Shelli was It, but she got me–seems I slowed down to adjust my bookbag and she tagged my hand that holds my pen. So, now I shall skip on over to the picnic table under the tree (imagine apartment wall as giant tree trunk, beads from ceiling as leaves, desk as picnic table), take out my notebook (complete with shiny Apple), and run with my tag–three writing tips. I’m glad there are three. I love the number three.

Tapping pencil and staring into space trying to think of three writing tips I haven’t mentioned before…

Stealing an idea from one of the cool kids, Ariel Gore, tip number one–don’t put writing at the bottom of your to-do list. No one ever does what is at the bottom of that list.

Writing tip number two–sacrifice something to the bullies. Take your TV or you video games or whatever it is that you think you just can’t miss and hand them over to the playground bullies. Go on. Hand them over. They’re keeping you from writing. And hey, the bullies aren’t smart enough to write a novel. Take pity on them and give them your TV–they need the brain rot and you don’t.

Writing tip number three–make writing friends. Once in a while get your nose out of the book and look around. See that kid with her nose in a book. She wants to write a book too. Go talk to her. That boy scribbling away in a notebook that he slams shut when anyone walks by. He wants to write. Talk to him. That way when the other kids all shout, “Hey, come play tag!” You can look up and say together, “Sorry, we’re writing!”

Then get your art friend to illustrate your stories, copy them in the school library and pass them around.

Oh, which makes me think of writing tip number four–write something the teacher hates and tries to confiscate. You’ll be famous.

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