The Escape

The Badger–The Escape Edition

A little late but finally here to badger you!

How is the writing? Exciting scenes and clever dialogue? Of course there are–because you wouldn’t be ignoring me, now would you?

Are you half way done? Looking at the finish line? Stuck? Keep writing anyway. If you keep writing you’ll get unstuck, you’ll reach the end, you’ll get to where you want to go. But you got to keep writing.

Write the good and the bad. Write the easy and the hard. Write. That’s what you’re here for. If you’re anything like me (and I think many of us writers have this in common) you didn’t fit in as a kid, you didn’t belong, or you sort of belonged, but suspected you ought to be somewhere else, and books were your ticket to other worlds, better places, more interesting lives. You loved being transported so much, you wanted to make your own transportation, your own story that make have the same power for someone else. Maybe? That sound anywhere close to right?

Well, now is your chance. Build it. Word by word and line by line, build the escape that you would’ve wanted (and still want) to read. I’m not going to say that if you build it, they will come. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t. I don’t know. But build it for you because you’ll be there, and that’s what counts.

Go write!

5 thoughts on “The Escape

  1. I’m on version 6 of my latest proposal and I turn away in disgust everytime I hit an incline. Then, I turn back in and pump through it. Not the same thing, but the same thing.

  2. Go write. BUT the conditions aren’t perfect! Well, that’s my number one excuse. I’ve got men in the kitchen installing a ceiling fan and kids banging on drums and blogs to catch up on reading and birthday presents to wrap and a litter box to scoop…

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