paper passion

Will there finally be a generation not enamored of paper? Will books feel unreal if they’re not spread upon a shiny screen instead of laid out on dull matte pages?

I’m addicted to paper. I love notebooks, journals, sketch pads, and books. Few things cheer me up like a blank piece of paper and a pen. Preferably ink that bleeds into the page. Ballpoint pens, you see, lead to frustration. When I voted in the caucus here the other day, the ball point I had to sign in with almost made me change my mind about the whole process–what? I wait for too long in the cold with a disgruntled child and you give me this pen? But I voted anyway, and afterwards regretted that I didn’t take the time to dig my pen from the bottom of my purse.

But I digress.

Paper! Forget diamonds, gold, and silk, and give me paper. Last night I printed my novel out, and this is when I fall in love with the story. I sit with my feeble efforts etched on the page and it all seems possible, like I can make this work, like it may be awful but it’s mine and I’m holding it in my hand. The feel of a computer screen does not suffice.

Now I hope that reading the beast from beginning to almost end will give me the ending I’ve been looking for. Here’s wishing paper may always work its magic!

5 thoughts on “paper passion

  1. Printed your novel??? Does that mean what I think it means? Are congratulations for completion in order? Don’t be so subtle…we want to know!

    And I’m loving this post in particular today as I am working on a review of a series of art history books for young people. The writing in the books is very good, but what I can’t get past is how much I love the shape of the books (square) and the thickness of the paper inside. All I want to write about is how the books feel to hold.

  2. No, it doesn’t mean what you think it means. Trust me, when I finish, everyone will know. What printing it out does mean is that I think I need to read the thing on real paper to figure out where the story is really meant to end.

    But, SBW, I’m with you. I love books that have just the right shape and feel. Funny how tactile a story can be.

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