Badgering–The Spring Cleaning Edition

Hello Novelists!

And how are you feeling about your novel today?  Are the two of you enjoying the sense of possibility that spring brings?  Or are you stuck in the gray, dullness of winter?  If the former, you don’t need me.  If the later, well, throw open some windows and breathe in some fresh air.  You can do it!  You can!

Today I was watching Star Wars for the millionth time (all parents out will understand) and so I must (MUST!) quote Yoda…Luke says he can’t believe what he has seen, and Yoda replies,  “That is why you fail.”  Whatever you think of Star Wars, there’s some truth to that.  (Hey, get inspiration where you can.) You gotta believe.

Are you blocked?  Well, here are a few lines I read this weekend about being blocked.
     –“…it’s important to understand that all writers have trouble writing.”
     –“Sometimes, a scene is too close to the bone and stirs up feelings or memories from a writer’s won life that he’d rather forget.”
     –“False starts are not evidence of failure, but simply part of the writing process.  For every bad idea discarded, a good idea has a chance to move into one’s consciousness and take its place.  The crucial thing is to keep moving forward.”
     –“Expect writing to be a difficult process.”

I got these lines from an article in The Writer Magazine by Staton Rabin.  So see, if you’re having trouble, it just means you’re trying.  Don’t give up.  Spring is coming!  Sweep out those doubts and wash away those fears.  They may come back but who knows how far you can get in the meantime–and each time the cleaning out should be easier.  Keep going.  I’ve high expectations for you!

And here’s what I’d like everyone to do (if you’re up to it–it is hardly required).  Tell me the last sentence in your novel that you wrote.  Go on.  Let me see.  And if you share yours, I’ll share mine!  

Good luck and keep writing.  I’m waiting.


6 thoughts on “Badgering–The Spring Cleaning Edition

  1. Very encouraging! Thanks. My novel is moving along, but I’m at that point where I’m worried whether I can keep moving it along.

    This might disappoint, but the last sentence I wrote is this:


  2. Remember 100 years ago, or maybe in November, when I wrote that line that couldn’t be written? After I finished that chapter, it’s like my brain said, “There, I’ve done it.” And I did not go on. In the process of avoiding that novel, I have queried and written a proposal for a non-fiction book, and I’ve set up about severely revising a book for children (well, technically middle grade fiction around Narnia age range), and then there’s my Very Important Occupation of writing American Idol recaps. So, I have serious “But first–” disease when it comes to getting back to that novel.

  3. I’m done with the rough draft but haven’t started revising the text yet, so I guess the last sentence I actually wrote was the final sentence of the novel: “Drina took her father’s hand and walked out of the darkness.”

    If I want to write more than one book this year I’d better get on that revision. *groan*

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