last line written (but not the last word)

Wow. Thanks to those who shared the last line they’ve written in their novel so far. And to keep my word, here’s mine for what it’s worth–

“I believe in luck though,” he said.

I’d love to hear more lines…anyone?

3 thoughts on “last line written (but not the last word)

  1. Since the last line I wrote was not much of a line, I’ll throw in the very first line of my novel:

    “When Isabel Montgomery woke up, she didn’t remember where she was.”

    There. You’re the first one to read any of it.

  2. Shellie, you’re a step ahead of me. I was going to ask for first lines next! Yours certainly sounds like a promising opening. Thanks for sharing it with me (and I’ll give my first line soon…).

  3. This is fun.

    Last line I wrote (story not finished)
    “Tell her I still believe in Jesus, George,” Marge said from the window.

    First line from same story (needs work)
    The way Aunt Jean tells it, she wasn’t there to save souls.

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