Fat Ants Will Work for Fame and Fortune

Sometimes a writer might look at her novel and think, “Wow. I did it! And it isn’t even bad.” Other times that same writer might look at that same novel and think, “Fat ants jumping on my keyboard could’ve done a better job.”

The fat ants will make more money, too.

They’ll get interviewed by Terri Gross and make a movie with George Clooney.

Get on Oprah to cry about their relationship with Grasshopper.

Be denounced by Tom Cruise. Or somebody on TV somewhere…

Correction: That same writer will look at what she has written and know that she needs to go to bed.

4 thoughts on “Fat Ants Will Work for Fame and Fortune

  1. I have a saying to myself that a drunk monkey would write better than I do. I like the fat ants image too. They are more industrious creatures.

    Do you want to walk around town holding your manuscript and casually saying, “Oh this? It’s the novel I just wrote. I finished it. It’s a novel. See all the pages? I wrote all those. It’s a whole book. This is it, right here. Yes sir, I wrote an entire book. Me. Fuck, yeah!”

    Or perhaps you are more refined than that.

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