Your time here will not cost 4k–but you get what you pay for…

The problem with wanting to be published is being published. Only a fool exposes herself to the world like that. Or hey, if you’re going to expose yourself and expect to be paid, consider a gig that pays four grand an hour.

On second thought, keep your four grand and read my story. Not as satisfying maybe, but it won’t ruin your career.Well, not the entire story (no money is exchanging hands after all), but chapter one. Over there in the sidebar, trying to be coy and demand attention at the same time.

And it will take less than hour.

5 thoughts on “Your time here will not cost 4k–but you get what you pay for…

  1. I’m printing it out right now. Yes, so understated, hiding out over there. Makes me wonder what else you’ve got that’s simultaneously coy and demanding attention!

  2. What lies? What lies? Gotta know!

    I get a feel for the dynamics between the main character and the other three. Well done with that. Mother commenting on the sweater, haircut…shows a lot about the mother and daughter.

    I am very curious about what she has promised to say in those three lines and why she was asked to join the family that day.

    I’ll buy the book (and I do expect it to be autographed).

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