Badgering–The On the Road Edition

And where do you happen to be?

There is the literal answer to this question. You are sitting at your computer in your living room, let’s say. Or sipping on a latte and staring at your laptop in some coffee shop that may not be named.

Then there is the other answer. Where are you in your novel? How far in the plot? Are you lost? Are you on the road you started out on? Found a better path perhaps? At a crossroads?

Well, keep going. Why not? What’s the alternative? You don’t want to go back. You don’t want to throw yourself on the ground and cry. Maybe you think about it, but you know you want to get to the end of this road, and when you get there you can turn around and say, “Wow. Look how far I’ve come.”

The problem is–you don’t have a map. But hey, neither does anybody else. That’s the beauty of the journey, really. You wouldn’t want to go down this road if others had taken it the exact same way before.

Anyway, stop listening to me and go write.Wherever you are now, I expect you to be further down the road next time.

3 thoughts on “Badgering–The On the Road Edition

  1. I do appreciate your badgering.

    I saw a short-story submission deadline I’m going for it. The deadline is April 30 and I think I can make it. I tot the general idea of the story figured out; I just need a beginning, middle, and end. Hey, that’s only 3 things. Not so hard, right?

  2. I appreciate your badgers too. Right now, I’m somewhere in the middle, and I’m never sure I’ll have more to write, but each morning I wake up, and somehow I fill up another page or two.

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