Running into the Ground

If I’m good at anything, I’m very good at running a topic into the ground. Over time I’ve learned to grab myself by the collar and pull myself back, although I often let go and keep running.

For instance, I could ramble on about my panic over my novel for days. Weeks. Possibly months. While that is probably better than the endless rambles I could go on about men back in my young and single days, it still causes that glazed look in others. I would see that my audience was hoping I would, well, shut up, but in the back of mind I couldn’t help but think that they’d want to keep talking about it as soon as they realized this one more important facet of the topic that we’d missed. See! See! We haven’t quite talked about this way, yet, have we?

Soon I fear I may start running this blog into the ground. Or considering the name of this blog, perhaps I’d be draining it dry. Hard to say. So, I’m trying to think of new topics or themes or questions to write about–as long as they have a writing angle, of course. Any suggestions? Pretty please.

3 thoughts on “Running into the Ground

  1. If you can’t write about it in your blog, where are you going to let it out?! I, for one, enjoy hearing you rant and rave. I know I’m not alone.

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