The Rewrite Chronicles

Rewriting is its own circle of hell. There is every possibility I’m making the novel worse. Right now I’m putting a subplot back in that I had taken out. Perhaps I’ve found the magic ingredient and the results will be amazing and excellent and everyone will ask for the recipe. Or I’ve just pitched a whole watermelon into my vegetable stew and splattered myself and the kitchen. Probably I’ve knocked over the pot as well and scalded the dog.

See-even my analogies (or are they metaphors?) make no sense.

3 thoughts on “The Rewrite Chronicles

  1. I love your analogies or metaphors…whatever they are! You just gotta do it to find out. You have heard of authors who have written many, many drafts of their novel before they get a final product….not what we hope to aim for ourselves, but like them, you just gotta keep at it until you get it right.

  2. I liked your analogy, too.

    Funny you blogged about this today, because I was thinking about this last night. I think I figured out why editing is so hard. It’s because there is no “right way.” There IS NO perfection. There’s only what works and what doesn’t, and most times there are hundreds of combinations of both. That kills my Virgo spirit.

    So just yesterday I decided to make decisions and stick with them until I see if they work, instead of doing my usual thing, which is trying to figure it out in advance and worrying and getting nothing done.

    Actually, this might show up on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for the fodder. 😉

  3. Go for it!
    Get messy.
    Yes, I know, we can over season food and ruin it by adding to many ingredients, ect.
    But food tastes the best when the woman who cooked it had fun, got messy, tried something new.
    Keep going.

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