Badgering–The Demon vs. Deity Edition

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just get sick and tired of what I’m writing. Two things are possible–either the novel really is bad and the writing gods and goddesses are hitting me over the head with quit-now stick (it is a very big stick and takes several deities to lift it). Or it is my own writing demons tricking me into giving up before the wonder of the piece shines through.

So. Writing deities or demons?

Well, my money (or in this case my novel) is that those writing deities are not hitting you with a quit-now stick. They are cheering you on. Really. They want you to soldier on, pick yourself up, and keep going. You don’t hate what you’re doing. You hate that it isn’t done and it isn’t perfect, but you love your imagination and your characters. Okay, maybe the deities aren’t loudly cheering. Maybe you can’t hear them. But they do have a bit of a mean streak (as most deities seem to) and they like to see you struggle.

Struggle on! If you’ve dropped your novel, pick it up and dust it off and throw yourself back in the pages. Don’t let the demons win.

Here I am–grabbing you by the arm and lifting you to your feet, guiding you to your desk (or preferred writing surface), handing you your pen (or keyboard), and stepping back to watch you go.


Remember, time is going to pass whether you write or not. What do you want to be able to say come Halloween 2008? That you gave in to the demons or that you took them by the horns and flung them out the door?

Fling. Then write.

3 thoughts on “Badgering–The Demon vs. Deity Edition

  1. this post came at just the right moment for me! i’ve has a really bad week re. getting distracted from my writing. i need to listen to those cheering voices once again!!

    thanks for finding my blog. i love your site. I’ll be visiting often I can tell!

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