The Rewrite Chronicles

This evening I glanced over two chapters that needed work and as I wondered how I was going to clarify things and all that, I realized I just didn’t need them. And like that–ZAP–they were gone! Wahoo! Ten pages of rewrites done. Ha-ha.

(Okay, it wasn’t really zap because I didn’t delete it. Since I’m really rewriting every bit in a new file, it was more like la-di-da move these pages to this pile and ignore them–but zap sounds much more dramatic. Trying to add some zing to the rewrite process–yawn.)

Now I’ve got to decide on a major plot change. Lydia suggested it and I’ve been mulling it over and…I foresee more zapping.

7 thoughts on “The Rewrite Chronicles

  1. I like zap. Good word, good work. A major plot change sounds like a zag. Exciting!

    I’m avoiding my writing lately and buying new shoes instead. Please keep posting about your progress as it shoo’s me back to work. (get it, shoes?) I

  2. Thanks everyone for noticing…

    SBW, enjoy the shoes!

    Mary Ann, I’ve thought about a second opinion, but I can’t decide who to ask. Besides, I do agree with many of Lydia’s comments and think the plot change idea has merit.

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