Finding Karma

Most of us probably use the word karma to flippantly and inaccurately, but what a great word it is and what a great day it has been.

I went to the Austin Fine Arts Festival today, and I happened to see an artist I’d met before–Stephanie Strange. Two years ago I’d bought a picture from her. She makes art with typewriter keys–what art is better for a writer>?

I told her that I had a small piece of hers, and we chatted, and as I looked around, I noticed a long, narrow piece, a cloud of the letter O. She said that was a special piece and told me its story. She made that for her very first show, four years ago at a coffee shop, and though she sold almost everything, this piece was the only one left. She carried it to every show, but no one ever wanted it. She figured that one day the right person would come along and it would speak to them.

Well, it spoke to me. Here I am, my first art show is coming up and it too will be in a coffee shop. She makes art from typewriter keys and I’ve been making art with shredded bits of my novel… Did I buy the piece? You bet.

What, I wonder, will be the piece I don’t sell? (Being optimistic that I will sell something.) And who will my work speak to?

A perfect day.

5 thoughts on “Finding Karma

  1. Wow. What a great story. Please do post her site when it’s up. Enjoy the art you bought and making your own. Both of your media (the keys and the paper) are indeed very appealing…to this writer for sure.

    A meeting like yours at the art show is magical. I love when moments like that happen.

  2. I agree…a magical moment! I love going to art shows, but I can’t remember the last one I went to. It’s hard to get out with a little one. The piece sounds wonderful. And I do hope you will post photos of your art exhibit! I would love to come!

  3. a perfect day indeed.
    may this be a talisman, memento, reminder of what it means to write your words, do your art, and trust that the rest will come.

  4. Erin

    oh marta,

    I wish I was as poetic as all your other writer/blogger friends, and could respond in some lovely way. But I can say that I miss you. i would have loved to hear about this one Monday morning in my chaotic office. 🙂 i’d love to see a picture of the piece you bought too. what a cool story.

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