The Rewrite Chronicles

Story writers may not be able to find the path to enlightenment.  Not knowing every writer in the world, I can’t be sure of this, of course, but I do know that I’m disinclined to ditch the baggage if it means leaving my characters on the side of the road.  Where would art come from if not from the past and all that goes into making a writer into the loon that she is?  

Not that we should romanticize the mental state of troubled, creative people.  You can be creative and be sane, but being sane is not the same as being enlightened.

Anyway, I’ve finally been granted time to work on the rewrite, which is not the fastest way to sanity, and may be, in fact, like running in the opposite direction of where I need to be, but either way it’s a journey.

6 thoughts on “The Rewrite Chronicles

  1. I agree with you. And not that I’m disappointed that my life hasn’t been worse, but sometimes I think I have had it too good to be a writer. Or maybe it’s just that I avoid conflict at all costs, and I do the same thing in my writing. I’m working on that though.

  2. My blogging friend Shannon feels this same way … I do have to say that this is not one of my flaws. I have experienced and learned a lot by being a journalist. But, congrats on your rewrite phase … we’re all a work in progress, right?

  3. Rewriting derails me onto new plot threads. It’s dangerous. Enlightenment isn’t that easy to achieve, so although I’ve thought like you do, I tend to seek peace of mind anyhow. I think that moving away from the troubled past allows me to write about it better for a reader’s perspective.

  4. If we could only hear ourselves tell the same story about our lives over and over perhaps we would believe the great fiction writer and editor William Maxwell: “Absolutely everything comes out of the emptied mind.” I for one don’t believe the story is simply you, or that you are simply a story, and I know you don’t either. But I won’t trivialize what you have to say.

  5. Karen, sometimes I think I trivialize myself. Other times I take myself too seriously. There’s a balance in there somewhere.

    writtenwyrdd, I’m all for peace of mind. Being stuck in the past is not the way to get a novel done. I just meant I didn’t want to forget the past or shy away from it.

    Shelli, never let it be said that you have to have a troubled past to be a better writer. People with troubled pasts tend to the expressive, creative professions, but a negative past doesn’t make one a good writer.

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