Disappointment and the Rewrite Chronicles

Three weeks vacation. Unpaid, but vacation nonetheless. Of these three weeks, I’ll get two days to spend writing. Before vacation I had visions of an entire week spent intensely focused on getting this novel done. But life goes how it goes, and I get two days. While I know that if I looked on the bright side of life, I should be happy and satisfied with what works out. I’m disappointed all the same.

Here’s to making the best of things and shedding self-pity!


5 thoughts on “Disappointment and the Rewrite Chronicles

  1. Ah,m y sympathies! I get 3 weeks in June and will not be able to spend much time writing either. I’m dog sitting (so enforced walks 3 times daily), painting all the laminate kitchen cabinet carcasses and their ugly wood doors, the wainscoting (after I finish installing it) and the porch. I think I might have time to add the crown moulding and repaint the living room, too. In between that, yardwork. We shall see how much writing time I can scrounge…

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