Wanted for Crimes against Writers

The dreaded girl gang of three are capable of taking out a writer anywhere at any time. The malevolent Angstintina, Obsessisa, and Neurotichka can smell coffee from a thousand paces. They spot their prey as it sits illuminated in the light of a computer screen. If necessary, they can also hear the rustle of paper from any distance. They are especially attracted to the tapping of pens and heavy sighs. They often disorient their victim by ramming the victims’s head into her keyboard or desk. They are capable of lobbing large blocks at victims attempting to escape. These blocks can immobilize the victim for months, even years, at a time. Their favorite method of dispatch is a sharp jab to the nervous system, heart, or brain. Occasionally the gut.

To celebrate their kill they shred the victim’s work in progress, dance upon the corpse, and toast their success with glasses filled with blood, sweat, tears, and ink.

Have you spotted them lately?

6 thoughts on “Wanted for Crimes against Writers

  1. I saw the one in the middle at the beauty salon. She stepped ahead of me in line, saying I didn’t have anything to do but write a bunch of nothing in a grubby notebook while she had places to go and people to do. She brushed past me, and I spilled coffee on my notebook, and my felt-tip writings and sketch runned and spotted the page.

    I’ve seen the other two characters carrying blocks and circling my park bench, but I shook pages of your first three chapters at them and they scurried away.

  2. Well SBW, I thought you meant ruined…but if I started punishing people for mistakes, I’d have to start in on some self-flagellation. And I’m not doing that.

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