My Lying Heart

A student said she doesn’t read fiction.

Why? I asked.

Well, you spend all this time reading it and it isn’t even true.

A dagger to my lying heart.

5 thoughts on “My Lying Heart

  1. I’ve heard this answer before.
    I’ve never understood it.
    When did this happen, that we as a society got real and true confused and mixed up and tangled as if they are one and the same.
    All kinds of things are true, and only about half of them are real.

  2. Ack! Ack! Ack!

    What this person may not realize is that truth is best told and best understood in stories.

    I dispair sometimes that we as a people have lost our depth of understanding – we take everything *literally.* Who are we without stories???

    The shallow thinking scares me.

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