The Rewrite Chronicles: The Killing Spree

After spending a couple hours trying to write one tiny scene, I had to admit that the scene did nothing to progress the story. Out came the special scene killing blade–and I closed my eyes and cut, cut, cut…

This hurts me more than it hurts you, I told the characters.

Now, if it were you standing there with the ink stained cleaver in your hand bemoaning the waste of it all, I would say (and believe) that this was a necessary part of the process. All writers go through this. All writers are murderers. Don’t fret. You’ll be redeemed in the end.

And no one needs to know. It can be our little secret.

But it isn’t you, it’s me, and so I say I’m a criminal and a fool and what the hell am I doing? Look at all the evidence against me! I should be stopped from this writing nonsense before real people get hurt.

Then again, since my knife is already out and a mess, maybe there are more scenes that need dealing with…

4 thoughts on “The Rewrite Chronicles: The Killing Spree

  1. Marta, yesterday I found a very good podcast called The Writer’s Challenge. I learned that Chekhov (I think it was Chekhov – my short term memory is horrible) had a rule that you should always ditch your first three chapters because the real story usually doesn’t start until after the third. (If it’s a short story, then cut the first three paragraphs.) I thought, OMG, I can’t kill my first three chapters! Yikes!

    But I think the podcast rocks.

  2. Cutting can be hard, I know. I tend to over-cut and end up with nothing. Then I toss the pen across the room and say, “Well, another story finished.”

    I admire you so much, Marta, with your discipline. I recommended your site to a friend who is a great writer but not currently writing anything. I hope you inspire him as much as you do me.

  3. Shelli, thanks for the podcast info. I’ve got that Chekhov rule in some writing book of mine. I try to keep that in mind. Sometimes I don’t think you have to cut those 3 chapters as much as you ought to move them to somewhere else.

    SBW, thank you. That is nice to hear even though I usually wish I had more discipline–just little bit more! And a thank you for recommending me. If not me then I hope someone here can inspire him to write. Knowing you’re out there inspires me.

  4. dfrucci

    The editing and revising steps are rough. Hopefully you don’t cut too much though. Good luck with it,

    And thanks for the comment. It would be too a alternative rock sort of sound. With the bridge being relatively the heaviest parts and the chorus being rough as well.

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