Taking Over and Ruling the World (this corner of it, anyway)

The last post was about loving your work, and a reader left a comment about becoming deeply involved with her characters, and it just hit me…I don’t know how I’m ever going to leave these people.

Several characters write on their own blog. Two of them are on Facebook. I write something of their story almost every single day, and I’ve been doing this for months. In the case of some characters years because several characters are in more than one book. That’s four books in the same town…OMG

They’ve taken over my life, haven’t they? Well, perhaps I just gave it to them, idiot that I am. How will you feel when you break up with your characters?

4 thoughts on “Taking Over and Ruling the World (this corner of it, anyway)

  1. Though I stopped working on my first novel (for now), I feel that character with me all the time. I think he’ll be with me even if I never “write him” again. So I don’t feel sad about it since I don’t feel a “break up.” He’s very much alive to me – an inspiration to me. But maybe this is just because I haven’t written enough.

  2. Since my first book has been with my agent I’ve felt like they are on a business trip, almost. I don’t feel that break-up feeling, either. It’s like I sent a piece of myself to make the rounds, and it will be back soon. Meanwhile, I’m getting to know some new characters.

  3. dfrucci

    Its kinda hard for me to picture it in a way, cause I have been working on my one novel for so long and the universe its in and story lines and characters. I can never picture it ending, It would be like heart break. These characters are so real to me they have their own dimensions, and I can hardly imagine it

  4. Shelli, I’m sure you’ve written enough, and I hope he’ll always be alive to you. It’s just that I wonder what happens when you do get to the end of the story and you say it is done and you know you won’t go back there again. I wonder how it feels then.

    Sherri, that’s the trick–get to writing something else. Move on. Although, you’ll have to let me know how it feels when those other characters get back from their trip.

    dfrucci, I’m with you. I can’t imagine either.

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