The Rewrite Chronicles: Writing Crunches

Well, people do stomach crunches, right? Why not writing crunches? Let’s face it–more writing time is not going to descend from the heavens, wash up on the shore, or get left on the doorstep. Every time a writer says, “I’ll write it when I’ve got more time” that Party Girl Time blows another noisemaker and a book angel drops dead. We will never have more time. And even if we did, we’d be too tired to know what it was and we’d just give it away. What? Give you a ride to the airport? Sure, I’ve got time. No. You. Don’t!

So, here’s a new experiment in time. Keep your novel at the ready. Have you got ten minutes before you need to leave to go get the kids? Before the nap craving kicks in? Before the supposed love of your life wonders when the hell you are coming bed? Write something. One sentence if that’s all you can manage. That will be one sentence you didn’t have ten minutes ago. Train yourself. Jump in. Jump out.

For many of us, this is the only time we’re going to get.

I’m lucky that I get one night out a week to write. Sometimes I get Friday mornings too. But it is never enough. I always want more, and so I’m going to eek those minutes out where I can even if I have to wring Time’s neck to do it.

How much time do you think you need to write?

5 thoughts on “The Rewrite Chronicles: Writing Crunches

  1. I have more discipline now that I’m older, and of course, I have a cushy schedule and a toddler who sleeps wonderfully. Sometimes I wonder if I’d keep up my good writing habits if I had to work full-time again. Eck. Hate to think about it.

  2. dfrucci

    Well since I’m a teenager and its summer, I have time to write. I can still hangout with people and party, but I have a good deal of time to write. I like to write two hours in the morning from nine to eleven. I don’t write on Sundays or Mondays….no reason, I don’t know why lol.

    D.F. Rucci

  3. I’m revising a short story that I wrote about five years ago. I find revision so painful that I can only do it in short spurts as you suggest. I’m on page 2 of 8. Holding nose and jumping in again…

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