Dear Author,

Dear Author:

Thank you for your submission. It was kind of you to think of us, but we are sorry we are unable to offer to see more of your work.

We thank you for the opportunity to consider your materials and we wish you the best of luck elsewhere.



I’ve been in a snit trying to find my Microsoft Word disk, tearing apart my work space, and finding scads of unfinished projects, failed projects, materials for imagined projects… and what I finish, isn’t enough.

My novel went to a literary agency and all I got was this lousy rejection.

11 thoughts on “Dear Author,

      1. And so it is in the gatekeeper system… I’m sorry. You’re a true talent, and someone will recognize that soon. And you will tell great stories to aspiring writers about this.

        I have a perfect record. I queried once, and got rejected once. You’re doing better than I am. And it takes courage to do it, so soldier on with all of us behind you.

  1. It’s already been said but I’m gonna say it anyway. Lousy rejections are typed/written by lousy people. Lousy people work for lousy agencies.
    I don’t know what it feels like to receive a rejection from a publishing house so I cant talk about it; however, I’m pretty sure it’s better to be rejected by a lousy agency because they wouldn’t fully enjoy to have your book. I believe you’ll be published and I’m looking forward to the day I’ll be able to buy your book.
    You’re a wonderfully teacher (the best I’ve ever had), a great writer, and a great artist. Don’t let those idiots get to your feelings.
    I wish I had enough vocabulary to express what I’d like to say (or a certain level of wisdom). But the global message is the same.
    “You are awesome!”

    1. No. Not the same one that asked for the pages. I haven’t heard anything from her yet. This is just from one of the queries I sent out.

      So on to the next!

  2. If you were here I’d take you to a cafe where we could sit for hours drinking coffee and bitching about stupid agents.

    An agent said yes to me, but she was the wrong agent. It cost me years. You want the right agent to say yes. Small comfort, I know.

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