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Is that the best you can do?

In high school I spent one year on the yearbook staff. I started the class really excited, and I ended the class hoping never to speak of it again. When my mother saw the section I’d worked on–the advertising section, which I hated but did work hard on–she said, “That doesn’t look very good. That’s … Continue reading

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Editing: The Mutant Virus Edition

If you want to be a published author, you have to edit your work. No matter the publishing path, editing is along the way. Sometimes editing makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. Really. I see the problem. Take my pen to it. Look at the page and see all those marks, and … Continue reading

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No one in the history of the universe invests money in a company knowing they’re going to lose all said money. Oh, some people may invest in losers because they know how to actually get more money later–yeah, real estate nightmare, anyone–but the plan is to make money eventually. People lose money of course. Plans … Continue reading

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The Feminine in the Sky

A smart and talented woman I know wrote this book: The Coming of the Feminine Christ. (Which due to some technical difficulties, I’ve had to unlink to.) This is not a review; I haven’t read the book yet. And this is not about your religion; I don’t need to know (and let’s not ruin a … Continue reading

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Navigating New Seas

In case you have somehow escaped me telling you, I have found a publisher. This press is small and new and in the UK. Since it was a UK literary journal that published my first short story and the BBC is my favorite channel, a British publisher makes sense really. Don’t you think? The name … Continue reading

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Chronicles of Ink and Paper

One agent suggested my novel was young adult. This surprised me because I wasn’t trying to write a young adult novel. The main character is a teenager though. But I never thought I was writing for teens. Writing for teens…that’s a minefield. Well, it can be. Adults are allowed to read anything without much of … Continue reading

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Maybe a Temper Tantrum

Sometimes I may begrudge every other published writer everything. You know, in moments of personality collapse. Meaning, those moments when I’m not the great and fantabulist soul I want to be. (Yes. Fantabulist.) Those moments when I’m resistant, cranky, jealous, and generally not nice. (All you saints out there can begin throwing stones at any … Continue reading