Maybe You Won’t Laugh

I may be joking.

Interviewer: In your Antologia Personal…

Borges: Look here, I want to say that that book is full of misprints. My eyesight is very dim, and the proofreading had to be done by somebody else.

Interviewer: I see, biut those are only minor errors, aren’t they?

Borges: Yes, I know, but they creep in, and they worry the writer, not the reader. The reader accepts things, no? Even the starkest nonsense.

Interviewer: What was your principal of selection in that book?

Borges: My principle of selection was simply that I felt the stuff was better than what I left out. Of course, if I had been cleverer, I would have insisted on leaving out those stories, and then after my death someone would have found out that what had been left out was really good. That would have been a cleverer thing to do, no? I mean, to publish all the weak stuff, then to let somebody find out that I had left out the real things.

Interviewer: You like your jokes very much, don’t you?

Borges: Yes, I do, yes.

The Paris Review Interview with Jorge Luis Borges made me wish I could meet the man for coffee. I appreciated the end of this exchange because I’m often in trouble for laughing at my own jokes. I don’t joke much here…it’s a blog and…hmmm. Why is that?

Anyway, you could take his joke a bit further. Publish nothing at all and when you’re dead, let the world sort out your brilliance later. Ha, World! And now I’m dead and you can’t ask me on Oprah.

Joke is on me though since Oprah is quitting Oprah.

And the end of the world is coming. Do they read books in heaven? What books do they read in heaven? Can you write books up there?

Is it heaven if you can’t take your OCD with you?

Well, another day of blog every day, and I’ve blogged. My success of the day.

And I wrote story 20.

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